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Friday, 18 December 2009

Garden Decorations

Today when walking to the post office in the late afternoon to pick up a parcel*, I passed this garden, which besides the Christmas tree also had a Yule Buck likewise decorated with fairy lights. (The link goes back to my post from 1st December, where the Yule Buck is explained together with our Father Christmas traditions.)

Twilight was just setting in and I managed to get a couple of decent pictures without all the lights just getting blurred. Also note the typical "electric candles" and/or Advent stars in almost every window!

In this street, there is a broad variety in architecture, old and new side by side! These are some of the more modern houses, with the windows going from floor to ceiling. I think I would feel like I was living in a dollhouse - no privacy! (I've never been inside.)

.~. ~. ~.

* The parcel that drove me out in snow and ice at this time of day was worth the walk: It was one I had been waiting for - containing the picture of my choice which I won in Dan's bloggoversary contest at his blog Wood and Pixels back in November. The parcel has been on its way for such a long time that we both were beginning to wonder... but it arrived safely! (Besides my chosen picture, Dan had also enclosed a print of the white deer - an extra big Christmas hug to him for that!)



The Old Geezer said...

you have a interesting blog
great photos
God bless you

GB said...

There is something incredibly crisp and frseh - I can't really describe it - in those photos. It's as though they had been painted rather than taken from real life. I love them.

DawnTreader said...

Old Geezer - thank you.

GB - Freshly fallen snow does have that effect, and the time at twilight is especially magic. I'm glad I managed to catch these pictures at exactly the right time. Just a little bit later with my camera it would not have been possible.


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