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Beyond the Lone Islands

Saturday, 19 December 2009


Low temperature: This morning the thermometer showed -13 C. Time to dig out the fur-lined mittens, which hardly came to use at all last winter (which was mild).

When I went out around mid-day the sun was shining.
Under my feet the snow still made that creaking sound...

Freshly fallen snow on a cold day looks like fur!

Low sun gives incredibly long shadows...

Low tree branches close to the water have gathered a layer of ice which is kind of 'hovering' above the surface of the river. It looks strange.

Low mood: The snow looks pretty, but the cold does not agree with my body! I wake up every morning with the feeling of a bad chestcold, and I need extra asthma medicine. It also takes almost twice the usual time to walk anywhere with snow and ice on the ground. A lot of things that usually make me tired now exhaust me...

I wish I could say I'm really looking forward to Christmas, but I honestly am not, since it will mean extra efforts rather than relaxation. If I could, I would apparate* myself away to some (warm) place with full service provided!

*(Footnote: "Apparate" is a way for wizards in the Harry Potter world to transport themselves from one place to another in an instant, just by concentrating really hard and "turning on the spot"...)



GB said...

I can well understand how you are feeling, Monica.

I've probably been a bit insensitive talking about the heat over here in New Zealand!

DawnTreader said...

Well, Graham, actually I don't do much better in temperatures around +30 C either. So by all means keep talking about the heat; it just serves as a reminder! ♥

rae said...

That low sun is getting to me, too! (I don't have the snow to deal with, though, so your situation is worse!)

Don said...

I thought of your -10 yesterday. It was a very pleasant 81 degrees (f) here in So Cal. We have snow in the local mountains to look at, and visit if we want to ski. Blogging makes me appreciate the "boring" year-round mild temps that surround Disneyland (10 miles away).


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