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Sunday, 6 December 2009

For Goodness Sake

I didn't go into town yesterday because it rained. So I missed out on the grand opening of Santaland in the Market Square. Never mind - I could read all about it in my morning newspaper anyway... As  I mentioned in my Tuesday post, in later decades our traditions have become more and more influenced by the American ones; so this is the kind of Santaland where you come and sit on Santa's lap and give him your wishlist. (In the old days, in this country, you had to send your list by mail; Santa did not go anywhere until Christmas Eve!)

There was an interview in the paper with a young man who apparently enjoyed this privilege, 5½ years old. Unfortunately he had left his list at home, but he remembered what was on it anyway. The most interesting part of the interview to me was this: 
He adds that he well deserves his Christmas gifts.
'I've been good all year,' he says in a serious voice.
Let's just hope his parents can actually afford the new computer and games that were on the wishlist...

The picture of the reindeer was taken on another day recently, in a supermarket.



Scriptor Senex said...

I've been good, Santa. Hope you'll visit me!

GB said...

Thank heaven that my surviving Christmas for all these years didn't rely on me being good!

When I was a tiny tot department stores in the UK had their grotto complete with Santa and you paid your money and got a present and sat on his lap and told him what you wanted for Christmas.

I wonder if they still do that? Mind you there are few Department Store in the UK these days.

Actually having said that I don't recall Liverpool's most exclusive Stores having a grotto - or toys for that matter.


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