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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today I Went To Africa

As one or two observant readers may (or might not) remember, a few weeks ago (during "Silly Critters" week at the photo blog), I intended to visit the zoo, but gave up at the sight of the queue. Now the kids are back in school, the parents back at work; and waking up to a sunny day, I decided to give it another go. This time, I did not have to turn around. There were still enough kids around for the "wow! look at that!" feeling. But no queue, no crowds, and good photo opportunities.

Half way through the park my camera told me its memory was full! That's never happened before. I had to sit down and erase a number of the probably most blurry ones... I came home with 150 (memory nearly full again). The digital camera has certainly changed my photographic behaviour! (With the old one, without zoom and without editing possibilities, I would have taken maybe 10 or 15. I haven't been to the zoo since I got the new one.)

I did feel a bit like skiving - again putting off more boring things I ought to do - but I'm glad I took the opportunity. It gave me another sunny photo day to look back on when the winter storms set in. And another 150 pics to experiment with...


GB said...

I've spent most of my life feeling guilty about putting off boring things when I am doing more interesting things. I stopped that when my son, Andy, died: he missed out on so much. I now feel frustrated by the fact that there are more things that I want to do than I have time for. Some times boring things have to be done. But not when the sun's shining! I'm so glad that you had a good time with a good outcome.

DawnTreader said...

GB, thank you. I did not know that you had a son who died - so sorry to hear that. I can only imagine how that might change your whole outlook on life.

GB said...

Yes. It did. It sounds trite - perhaps it is trite - to say it but we spend so much of our lives doing things that we don't want or need to do, that it seems silly to do them unless we have to do them (sometimes work and tax returns come into that category!!).


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