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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back To Business

... That is, to sorting out the estate after my mother. Tomorrow we (my dad and I) have an appointment with an estate administrator from the firm of undertakers that helped us with the funeral. Since all goes to my dad, and there are no debts involved, and I have all the papers from their last income tax returns, it hopefully won't be too complicated. But one never knows.

There are still some things I feel unsure about. For example, I found a letter of "information" from a life insurance company, dated in February this year, addressed to my dad. In terms of information, it was a really useless letter, because it didn't say a thing about in what way my dad has business with this company. It just basically said last year was not the best of years because of the market, and happy new year to all new and old customers. Does he have an insurance there? Is he a shareholder? Do they just have him on their address list anyway? I have no idea, and he himself does not remember. And of course, when I tried to phone them, they could not tell me, because of their privacy policy. I respect that, sort of - but it does complicate things that I need a different power of attorney for each company, even to just find out whether my dad is a client there at all. *Sigh* (I'll ask the administrator tomorrow if perhaps he is allowed to find out?)
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rae said...

I feel you. Power of attorney (or administrative access) is the never ending thorn in my side now that we're in the middle of nowhere and I'm in charge of all our legal stuff. It drives me CRAZY.


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