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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunny Sunday

Red currants

We have a word in Swedish, an adjective - lagom - for which there is no exact equivalent in English. Depending on context, it might be translated as "neither too much, nor too little", "just about right", "perfect", "sufficient", "enough", "in moderation"... It has often been said (by ourselves as well as by others) that this word sums up our national identity. In general, we don't much like the extremes; we prefer to be cautious and safe. Of course this is not true about every individual, but I think there's probably something in it, or we wouldn't have needed the word, or used it so frequently.

Anyway, lagom also applies to how we usually wish the weather to be, even though it rarely is. When it's not, we love to complain about it, even though (or perhaps because) the weather is one thing that no one can really do anything about. One period earlier in the summer it was much too hot, at least for my liking. Most of July on the other hand was very rainy. This weekend however, it has been just lagom... Sunny and warm, but not blazingly hot.

Yesterday afternoon, I was actually able to sit on my own balcony and relax and read for a while, without getting either too hot, or too cold, or wet.

And today I had a very nice stroll with my camera in a folk museum park, taking lots of new pictures of the old buildings there both from the outside and from the inside. They are still in the camera - about 140 of them! - but I hope to be sharing some of them both here and on the photo blog in (rainy) days to come. It's the same park from which I shared two or three pictures already on the photo blog (last week on the theme Before/After Editing).

The cottages are not always open, but they were today. Taking pictures inside was especially exciting, because it's so dark in there that you can't really see a thing. Especially not coming in from the bright sunlight outside. I took lots of flash photos with very little idea of what it was I was taking pictures of. It will be very interesting to see them enlarged on the computer screen!

Today's picture of red currants was taken yesterday in another park. No editing.


rae said...

Wow! Excellent in-camera composition!

California Girl said...

I hear ya! As you know, I was kvetching about the rain the other day. It's never ending. Today is sunny so am taking it while I can get it.


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