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Thursday, 27 August 2009

An Award And What To Do

My Australian penpal since 20 years, Rose-Anne, presented me with this Award. With compliments on my talent for writing... Thank you! I especially appreciate the effort to personalize the reasons for each of the recipients.

However. I'm a curious person, and I couldn't read the text on the picture because it was so small, and it could not be enlarged. This sent me out on a Google-search, because I don't really like to pass something on that I cannot read myself, however pretty the picture...

I found it to be a minature version of the banner of a blog - Idyllhours. The text reads: "Idyll: a mood of peace and contentment, a lighthearted carefree episode, a romantic interlude, pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity. These are the things I hope to bring to you on my blog. Welcome!"

I can only hope that the use of it as an award originates from the Idyllhours blogger personally. Whether it does or not, I decided to pass on passing this one on. Not because of copyright doubts but because I can't even come up with a list of "5 things I love to do". Crazy as it may sound, I tried last night, but found myself getting totally stuck on the "to do" part. I have too many to-do-lists right now, and only love things that let me just be without to-do...

If I ever get round to designing my own awards, I think I'll make them to-do-free.

to-do n. ado; fuss; commotion:
What a ~! What a lot of excitement and talk!
(Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English, 1974)

1 comment:

Rose-Anne said...

Monica i am so glad you researched what was on the award. I didn't even think about that. LOL.I know what you mean about to-do lists. Mine goes on and on and ------Have a great weekend.


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