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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Too Many Things

Too many things in my head at once.
All the things I ought to do but keep putting off.
All the things I don't even really want to think about.
All the things my mind wants to explore, but my body doesn't.
All the things I do because if I don't, they don't get done.
Allt the crazy things I do just to keep myself sane.
All the blogposts that never even reach the keyboard.
This probably should have been one of them...

Picture: Kaleidoscope made in PSP from one of my own photos.


GB said...

I often feel like that but yesterday was a particularly 'like that' day but I could never have expressed it so well. Wow.

DawnTreader said...

Thanks GB. Finding your post with similar heading this morning + your comment here, at least made feel maybe I didn't start the wrong way today by first checking in on Blogger before I (hopefully) get on to "other stuff"... :)

GB said...

I forgot to say that I was so amazed at the words I forgot to comment on the graphics. I really liked the picture.

I gather you use Paint Shop Pro. I used to use it when it was still Jasc software and have just installed the latest Corel version. I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm reading up on it first this time before I play: Diane Koers' book. Excellent.

Rose-Anne said...

Monica this sounds so much like me. You are so good with words.
I loved the picture. Did you make it?

Rose-Anne said...

I loveeeeeee the header on your blog. I wish i was there with you.

DawnTreader said...

GB - My brother installed Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 for me on my desktop computer, a few years ago. As a matter of fact he put together the whole computer from a mix of new and used parts. I might have software on it I don't even know is there... I haven't upgraded PSP since it was installed, it's only this summer that I've made a more serious attempt at beginning to learn how to use it. Joining the photo blog inspired me... :)

The kaleidoscope is easy, just one mouse-click. Some pictures give more interesting results than others, though. The original for this one was a bunch of orange lilies in a flowerbed. (I have lots of flower pictures so that might keep me amused during the coulorless winter...)

DawnTreader said...

Rose-Anne, nice to see you here and thanks for your comments! As for the kaleidoscope, see my answer to GB above. Glad you noticed the new header too - I'm so proud of myself for finally figuring out how to do it! I like that picture, too. Wish I was there myself ;) It's an old holiday picture from the 90's, from the south coast. Since it only shows my silhouette it didn't feel too much like cheating...

jeannette stgermain said...

Oh my, you need to empty your head with something peaceful - all those things will still be there waiting for you after you are rested:)
Have a restful weekend! (hopefully fun too)


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