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Friday, 4 September 2009

Autumn Is Here

My kitchen table
Summer is over, autumn/fall is here, and it's been "one of those days"... I had to shop some groceries in the morning. Outside the rain was pouring down. I put on rubber boots, an extra sweater, a jacket, and on top of it all a plastic rain poncho. And I took the bus. I still got soaking wet before I was home again. Moreover, in the shop the scanner system was not working. I hardly remembered how to shop without it but somehow I succeeded. Except that I forgot one of the things on my list. Had to come up with something else for lunch, and will have to be inventive again for supper with friends this evening.
The first thing I did when I got back home was get into a hot shower. (Warm wet instead of cold wet.) Before I even unpacked the groceries!
Then I had a phone call from one of the nice home carers looking after my dad. She informed me about some things I need to buy for him. I can do that, but I don't know when or how I'll be able to get them out to him. She also said he said he has a dentist appointment next week and did I know anything about that? I did not. Arrangements have to be made to get him there. She said call X. I called X. X said call Y. I called Y. Y said call Z. I called Z. Someone informed me Z will be back on Monday. (Sorry, I don't have the time right now to come up with suggestions for titles för X,Y,Z or explain the exact complications involved...) I also called the dentist to explain without really being able to explain.
Now I'm hoping the evening will be better. My friend G (the one who still writes letters by hand) with husband B will arrive in the evening and stay the night before they go on to catch a ferry to Denmark tomorrow morning. They have about 3½ or 4 hours drive here and it's still raining hard. I know they are even more exhausted than I am to begin with, and have to get up early tomorrow morning, so we'll have to make it an early night too. We'll probably end up trying to talk twice as fast as normal...
I'll also probably be late with my Wordzzle story this weekend, if I manage to get it together at all. 
It has been an Orange Week at Soaring Through the World. If you're not already following, click the link to see lots of colourful pictures! The one above, of my kitchen table, I decided to put here instead. The table cloth in this photo has a pattern of oranges and lemons designed by Swedish artist Lena Linderholm. If you write her name into Google picture search, a lot of colourful paintings by her will show up!
Now I'm going to have a rest before my friends arrive...

PS. I'm really fascinated by the LinkWithin gadget I put in a couple of weeks back. The one that suggests "You might also like..." When I published this post, one of the links suggested was my earlier post  Too Many Things...


GB said...

I hope this evening goes well and that everything with your Dad sorts itself. Not easy times.

The widget took me to In the Rain and Letters. I loved the statue of the child but then you already know that I love statues. The letters posting was fascinating and I could have written another posting in comments. perhaps one day I shall.

Rose-Anne said...

This is so colourful and i wish i was sitting there with you have some coffee and cream and danish pastries.

Sandra said...

I have time to click around today and i found your lovely still life. beautiful photo


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