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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My Picture Book

I've been working quietly on a little side project for a couple of weeks.

Since I started using my camera a lot more than before (this summer) I've been thinking that in addition to my Island of the Voices (that's where you are right now, dear reader!), and the shared photo blog Soaring through the world, it might also be nice to have a photo blog of my own where I can experiment freely with some of my own pictures in larger format against black background. I did not want to change the layout of this blog, because I'm quite happy with it as it is. (I like black background for photos, but not so much for text.)

The result of these ponderings was the creation of DawnTreader's Picture Book, using a blog template called Simple II, without any sidebar. Some of the things you normally find in the margin, you will find at the bottom of the page instead. (Presentations, Blog Archive, Links, Followers etc.)

To begin with, my intention there is to roughly follow the seasons of the year. But I might be throwing other stuff in as well, if inspiration hits me...

This button - here and in my sidebar - will take you to the new blog. (If you wonder about the picture on the button, it is a white cyclamen flower that fell off its stem onto the kitchen sink. I thought that might be appropriate for a "spin-off" blog...)


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader I am excited for you and i am off to visit........


GB said...

I, too am excited by this for various reasons. Firstly it'll be good to see your photos. Secondly I agree about the background. Thirdly when I get to New Zealand I have to use a poor mobile phone link to get broadband and it's both slow and expensive. So blogs which need a lot of uploading like Soaring and photo blogs are a problem. I will access them when I go to a wifi hotspot which will be less frequent than my daily use at home. Fourthly I started Eagleton Photos in June but have never got it going properly. You may well have given me a push for when I return next year. In the meantime good luck and happy photoblogging.

DawnTreader said...

Dan, GB - thank you for being excited for me! :)
As I said in the post, I really just wanted an additional place to experiment with such photos that look good big, and at the same time don't need a lot of comment. It's not my ambition with either blog to gather huge numbers of followers; it's just more fun (and inspiring) to share than to keep everything on my own harddrive!


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