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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Together Through Life (Bob Dylan)

For my birthday a while ago, my friends G&B sent me a gift certificate. I used it to buy Dylan's latest CD Together Through Life. I don't regret it! (Thank you, friends!)
I've liked Dylan since my mid teens, but only own a limited collection of his many albums. The first one I got was New Morning (1970); that one was among my first LPs so it got played a lot . The next one I got was Slow Train Coming (1979), and after that Saved (1980) and Shot of Love (1981). In the late 80's, there was quite a long time during which I only had a tape recorder. When I finally got a CD player, at some point in building up my CD collection I bought a Dylan Best of... (I also had my old LPs transferred to CD.) Then in 2006, I bought Modern Times, and it has been a favourite on my MP3 player since, especially when I'm out walking, because it has a great walking rhytm. My first impression of Together Through Life is that it has a lot in common with Modern Times - it is relaxed and playful and has the same kind of blues rhythm. An interesting addition to the instrumentation is the accordion. You can listen to snippets from the songs at The lyrics are there, too. (I was a little disappointed that they were not included with the CD.)
The CD box I bought also included a bonus DVD included which I haven't watched yet, and the bonus CD Theme Time Radio Hour: Friends & Neighbours, with Dylan as host, playing other people's music. I had never heard of this radio show... I googled it just now (you who have got to know me a bit, will be adding "of course she did!"), and found there are lots more episodes available on the net...  

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