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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Personality Test

This month's discussion in Jo's Book Nook at The Leaky Lounge is about Part 1 of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. (Read more about Jo's Book Nook in the margin of my blog.) As faithful visitors of my Island of Voices know, I'm at present struggling on with The Silmarillion instead; but since I'm moving in the same world, I'm keeping an eye on the JBN discussions too. One of the threads there linked to a website which introuces a personality test based on the question: Which Lord of the Rings character are you most like?

I usually distrust tests like these, but after this one, I'm prepared to reconsider... *wink*

You are most like Galadriel. There's just something about you that people like. A sort of aura. You're very kind to people, and you like to help others succeed. You're not as candid as most people would like. You don't have to share your deepest darkest secrets, but be more honest about things! You're more mature than most people your age, so don't worry!

Following the advice to be more honest, I have to admit that the last sentence does worry me a bit. If I'm more mature than most people my age, that makes me feel really ancient...


California Girl said...

just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for the heads up about my shadow self. I left a note on my own blog but thought it best to come here and say thanks. no idea what I've done wrong now. sigh. The shadow self doesn't even name me! creepy. i look like a stalker. jeez.

DawnTreader said...

Odd things beyond our control sometimes seem to happen to our personalities in the Cyberworld! Right now (Friday evening) CaliforniaGirl has at least got a name tag again. :)


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