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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Carpe Diem

All of April so far has been unusually fine (and very dry), the mornings a bit chilly but some sunny afternoons feel almost like summer. Yesterday was one such day, 20°C (=68°F) in the afternoon. I spent the day at my parents' house outside town. Had some paperwork to sort out with and for them, but I also took the time to take a walk by myself through the wood down to the lake nearby. The wood anemones are in full bloom everywhere. I hadn't got my camera with me yesterday, but I insert a photo that I took two years ago. I picked a few flowers and brought back for my parents to put in a small vase, since they can't get out into the wood themselves now. I also sat a while on a fallen tree trunk down by the lake, and just listened to the sound of gentle waves lapping on a little sandy beach. When I got back to the house, we were able to have our afternoon coffee and tea outside. It is good to be able to "stop time" for at least a moment on a day like this, and just take in the sun, the spring flowers and verdure, and the sounds of waves lapping, and birds chirping.


rae said...

What a beautiful post. This sounds like the perfect kind of spring day.

Dr.John said...

Sounds like a great Spring day. Now if it would only stop rainging here.

California Girl said...

Hi DT! What kind of woodsy flowers are these?

DawnTreader said...

CG, they are wood anemones, or "anemone nemorosa". In Swedish we call them "vitsippa" (plural: "vitsippor"). (vit = white)


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