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Sunday, 5 April 2009

One-Minute-Writer: Sitcom

Today's Writing Prompt: Sitcom
"A sitcom is being made, based on your life--well, the funny parts, anyway. What is the basic concept, and what is the title?"

Today's writing prompt from The One-Minute Writer is a good one; but a hard one, since the show about Nothing has already been made (show within show – Seinfeld, season 4)…

How about The Island of the Voices? It is about this woman – let's call her Dawn Treader – who moves to an Island floating around in the vast sea of Cyberspace. She has a magic library, full of forgotten or half-read classics, which are prompting her to be picked up and read. In that way, they are made visible. So in every episode, she picks up a new book, and finds herself drawn into a new adventure. Sort of like in the TV mini-series Lost in Austen, which I enjoyed watching recently... In my sitcom, there could be episode titles like: Lost on the Moors (Wuthering Heights), Lost in the Labyrinth of Perplexities (The Mysteries of Udolpho), Lost among the Elves (The Silmarillion)… (See my Blog Archive for March and April 2009!) ;-)


Dee Martin said...

I don't know about this as a sitcom but I would sure watch it!

Dr.John said...

That sure would be better than a lot of what is on TV.

Anonymous said...

It sounds very exciting. I would give it a go also :)


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