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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Through My Spectrespecs

Luna Lovegood wearing Spectrespecs

Parallell to this blog, I have been starting up another one all about Harry Potter, which I have given the name Through My Spectrespecs. You will find magic doors to that world in the margin of this one.

My aim in that blog is to go back in time and collect some of my own Harry Potter "research" and speculations from between the 6th and 7th books, and take a new look at them from the perspective of now knowing how the story ended. I decided it was better not to mix those posts into The Island of the Voices, but to give them their own space. In this world, I try not to put too many spoilers into my book or film reviews. In that world, I presume that you, dear readers, have read all seven books, and know how it all ends.

The first three introduction posts, however, do not contain any direct spoilers. So if you are just curious to find out a bit more about my "relationship" with Harry, you can go directly to the following three posts from here:

1. Through My Spectrespecs (first introduction post)

2. Other books I read because of Harry Potter

3. Harry Potter and I, or How To Grow From Reader To Fan

I have now also published the first post of the other kind (spoilers included) - Harry Potter and Beowulf, where I compare the basic structure and plot of the Harry Potter series to the basic structure and plot of the ancient epic poem. (Beowulf was written in Old English sometime before the tenth century A.D., and describes the adventures of a great Scandinavian warrior of the sixth century.) You will find my comparison here (if you are sure you really want to go there...)

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