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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Despair And Hope


The month of March, in our climate, often brings a strange mix of hope and despair. We know by the lengthening days that spring is on its way, but it still seems out of reach. Thursday morning the streets lay bare, the birds were twittering... Later in the day it started snowing, and in the evening a thick layer of snow once more covered the ground and the trees! Now, Sunday, most of the snow is again gone. But nature is really at its most bleak and dull. You get that feeling of doubt - it just doesn't seem possible anything will ever grow out of the ground again! If you see a bit of colour somewhere, it turns out to be a piece of candy wrapping...

However, if you lift your eyes from the ground to the tree tops, there is that hint of purple, that wasn't quite there a few weeks back... And if you can get close enough, you'll find you weren't wrong!


California Girl said...

Okay, you're getting me depressed! Not much better up in the Great Northeast but check out photos I posted on Women of A Certain Age today. They are Spring flowers from 2008. Will make you feel better. ;)

DawnTreader said...

I'm looking at this post now from my laptop and see that the colours (the shades of purple) don't quite come out the same way on this screen as they did on my other bigger and brighter computer screen that I was using yesterday when I posted. The focus was meant to be on hope rather than despair - even if we sometimes have to make a bit of an effort to see it!

DawnTreader said...

Update: I put the pictures through Paint Shop's One Step Photo Fix, and they came out a bit brighter. I have now exchanged the original ones in this post for the "fixed" copies. The colour scheme is still not quite the same on my two computers, though.

California Girl said...

actually, I didn't notice the purple before at all. It does look better.


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