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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Libraries and secret passages

Borrowing another writing prompt from the One-Minute-Writer:

Write about a childhood memory related to reading.
I used to borrow lots of books from the library. Enid Blyton was among my favourites (for a period). I still love libraries, and almost any story that has a secret passage in it... (the Blyton kids always seemed to find one of those).


Pan's Island said...

I have mixed feelings about libraries myself. As an adult I'm not very fond of them - I find they rarely have the book I'm looking for. But as a child - goodness! how I loved the library - just an endless supply of books. But libraries have there downsides too - there was this one book we took out so often when I was a child I thought it was mine. I loved it so much and then as I got older I stopped taking it out and now I can't remember the title or anything about the book - just the pictures. I don't believe I'll ever see that book again and that makes my heart ache.

DawnTreader said...

I have a library book like that, too! - that is, I do NOT have it... I also can't remember the title, or the author. The only thing I do remember is that in the story, there was a hill with a button you could press, so that you never had to go uphill, it was always downhill. I think there were some kind of little people or fairies in the story as well, but I'm not sure about that.

I still borrow books (and audio books) from the library. The books I buy are mostly "classics" or other books that I feel pretty sure that I will want to reread or be able to look up things in later on. Or books that I suspect will take me a long time to get through... Sometimes I borrow a book from the library first; and then if I get that "must have!" feeling, I buy my own copy later.


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